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Paul Cuffaro

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In todays video, we announce something BIG, go fishing in my backyard, teach you how to castnet, get some fish for my new pond, and MORE... Don't miss out on this watch the video!
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Ben پیش 7 روز
i like the differnt ways people throw netts
Luke Harris
Luke Harris پیش 10 روز
I like the fishing
Payton Hickman
Payton Hickman پیش 10 روز
And that video got 22k likes and you said you would get some dolphin fish if it got 10k likes
Payton Hickman
Payton Hickman پیش 10 روز
You should get 5 of those dolphin fish for that pond grow them out then put them in the pond you said you would get some at some time after you got to pick out your platinum red tail catfish
Life in Africa
Life in Africa پیش 10 روز
We like the fishing stuff
Amina Mahmood
Amina Mahmood پیش 17 روز
Fish fish 🐟🎏🐟 I love I have one cat fish three gold fish
Justin Sikora
Justin Sikora پیش 19 روز
I love everything you do, SOoOOOoooOoO DoPe!
Gio Cabrera
Gio Cabrera پیش 20 روز
Keep fishinh
Nathaniel Hilton
Nathaniel Hilton پیش 23 روز
Lets goooo fishing we need more of this please go find some epic fish and catch em all
Practically Seth
Practically Seth پیش 27 روز
You aren’t worried about alligators getting into the pond. Ik you said you want to put cows in that enclosure.
Chris Joseph
Chris Joseph پیش ماه
😂 chest diaper? Lol love the vids paul keep up the good work awesome stuff!
Chris & Rehann Handford
Chris & Rehann Handford پیش ماه
Love how u always well nearly always in bare feet im the same most the time in bare feet lol
Cracker Time
Cracker Time پیش ماه
Cool video
tom bob
tom bob پیش ماه
U should.of used a weedless worm......f them lilly pads
Cali_boy پیش ماه
I sware I've already watched this did you re-upload this? Well shiiii would you look at that up loaded 6bdays ago wasn't recommended this n watched it because it was on home page not 6 days later sends me a notification about you uploading the video 😭😭😭
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper پیش ماه
You should definitely fish more
Jesus Guzman
Jesus Guzman پیش ماه
Nice pond you should put scary fish on your pond
Charlie Armstrong
Charlie Armstrong پیش ماه
Do more fishing
DeeAnne Attridge-Putnam
DeeAnne Attridge-Putnam پیش ماه
Would LOVE to see some fishing videos again!! I remember watching you & Nick fishing on Juno Pier...way back when😊
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart پیش ماه
Brittany Dao
Brittany Dao پیش ماه
you know, you should put the pigs from the duck enclosure to the pig enclosure.
Brittany Dao
Brittany Dao پیش ماه
so the grass can grow freely
Darryn Beverly
Darryn Beverly پیش ماه
I know now lol thank you
Chicken Meldrew productions
Chicken Meldrew productions پیش ماه
The fishing is what I’ve been Waiting for great video
Nayomi Drury
Nayomi Drury پیش ماه
I love it sory obot thump
Nikolay Dimitrov
Nikolay Dimitrov پیش ماه
Can you do more fishing things I miss it 😢
Yuri Plisetsky
Yuri Plisetsky پیش ماه
Hey Paul, you should buy bales of shavings made for horses. You will get a lot more for your money!
Katie Miller
Katie Miller پیش ماه
Do you still talk to nick
Quinn Anzelone
Quinn Anzelone پیش ماه
xuziyang xu
xuziyang xu پیش ماه
I love the vlogmas
Ryan 1
Ryan 1 پیش ماه
Hey Paul if ur thinkin bout gettin multiple bass it be cool if ya made some homemade structure for ur bass/other fish
Vivian Goodwin
Vivian Goodwin پیش ماه
Shoulda just planted grass seed intead of sod.. 10x’s cheaper & better grass for any animal u could put out there
stanwies Schietgeweerder
stanwies Schietgeweerder پیش ماه
Moreeeee fishing
heatherlovesmikey831 پیش ماه
I’m so glad you went fishing in this video, I have missed it very much. Love your vids keep up the good work.
Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture
Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture پیش ماه
Outstanding Content !!! Really Nice !!!
Darrell McKnight
Darrell McKnight پیش ماه
Thanks for the demo on casting a net.
Alex 15
Alex 15 پیش ماه
Please fish more
Rush Bridges
Rush Bridges پیش ماه
Live the fishing vids
Freya Edington
Freya Edington پیش ماه
Omg I love the fishing vids !!
Daniel Escobar
Daniel Escobar پیش ماه
Tight pond,
Steven Rivera
Steven Rivera پیش ماه
Vlogmas was not complete
Oliver Wain
Oliver Wain پیش ماه
Where’s the upload bruh 3 days????
Sony Nurhadian
Sony Nurhadian پیش ماه
9:30 anying ieumah lauk jaer 🤣
DYLAN Bernstein
DYLAN Bernstein پیش ماه
Yessss do more fishing vids
Shawn McCammon
Shawn McCammon پیش ماه
What does the Japanese tattoo say on your neck? And keep fishing never stop
Joe Neace 76
Joe Neace 76 پیش ماه
Where’s the video for yesterday the 11 I would like to see the new pond update
Matthew Matthew
Matthew Matthew پیش ماه
Pls do sum more fishing videos.
Jaclyn Barnett
Jaclyn Barnett پیش ماه
I want the 2 pigs... but I live in Tennessee and I can’t make that trip now
OC AVIARY پیش ماه
Paul can’t you put your rescued pigs in with the other pigs or the hogs?
Savage And always send it
Savage And always send it پیش ماه
I really like the fishing videos
Arsh Ali
Arsh Ali پیش ماه
Where is the new video bro?
kay be ###
kay be ### پیش ماه
Plz make flowhorn SRD video
kay be ###
kay be ### پیش ماه
Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. Their head protuberance, or kok, is formally termed a nuchal hump. Like blood parrot cichlids, they are man-made hybrids that exist in the wild only because of their release. Flowerhorns first emerged for sale on the aquarium market in Malaysia in the late 1990s and soon became popular in many countries in Asia. First developed in Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan, they became very popular with Asian fish hobbyists. They are also kept by hobbyists in the US and Europe. Numerous cast-off flowerhorns have been released to the wild, especially in Singapore and Malaysia, where they have become an invasive pest animal. Their importation is banned in Australia.  Golden Base type flowerhorn Origin In captivity Varieties Strains Gallery of early flowerhorn strains Criticism References Last edited 12 days ago by Jonesey95 RELATED ARTICLES Cichlid Family of fishes Ram cichlid Blood parrot cichlid  Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Privacy policy Terms of Use Desktop
Oddball Designs
Oddball Designs پیش ماه
hit like if u love Gary..
Landon Hope
Landon Hope پیش ماه
Do more fishing stuff
Hester Kieser
Hester Kieser پیش ماه
how are the guppy breeding tank
Paul Aguilar
Paul Aguilar پیش ماه
Post another vid on your vlog channel
Lopesa 3
Lopesa 3 پیش ماه
Only og’s will know his old background music
Tommy Miller
Tommy Miller پیش ماه
I love fishing stuff
Mr thundering
Mr thundering پیش ماه
Truly fan will check the link
Unknown Naga
Unknown Naga پیش ماه
Beware of deer meat for dinner 😂😂or he will eat all kar n whatever😂😂
Becca’s Critter Crew
Becca’s Critter Crew پیش ماه
love your videos been here since way before lulu lol keep at it. do some deep sea fishing
Yuggkhesh Lakkshmana
Yuggkhesh Lakkshmana پیش ماه
i love these types of vids
redd manpower
redd manpower پیش ماه
Fishing is what made me subscribe and Pond videos and catching mollies and minnows from the creek love it
Melvin Kevin
Melvin Kevin پیش ماه
Where is vlogmas Paul???
iashf1 پیش ماه
Vlogmas day 8, 2 days ago😫
Gareth Beelders
Gareth Beelders پیش ماه
U should put the goats in that big enclouser with the cows youare getting
The Rouge
The Rouge پیش ماه
already missing 2 days of "vlogs mas" lol
Cute says
Cute says پیش ماه
Paul cuffrao TOTORIALS 😂
360 drone
360 drone پیش ماه
At 5:53 they are not 6 feet apart
HUS NI پیش ماه
Paul cuffaro i miss you soo much
Craig Nelson
Craig Nelson پیش ماه
Yeah well when your biggest pig is thoughtfully munching corn jump on his back and hang on for dear life. Give us all a laugh. You remind me of my younger self some 50 years ago. My mom always called me a "knucklehead". What did she mean by that?
Craig Nelson
Craig Nelson پیش ماه
Maybe four or five bass, definitely not 20
Alex Warn
Alex Warn پیش ماه
When’s the pond vudeo coming?
Josue Hernandez
Josue Hernandez پیش ماه
Bro make the new pond for the turtles and reptile species crazy stuff
Craig Whalen
Craig Whalen پیش ماه
Ricky Nimmo
Ricky Nimmo پیش ماه
Paul you should do a full property tour
King Jay Editz
King Jay Editz پیش ماه
I wonder when get another video about the above ground pond
Zekreh پیش ماه
Today I think
Areeba Afreen Ansari
Areeba Afreen Ansari پیش ماه
How to participate in your giveaway's
Pauly I hope it’s a video dropping soon today or Santa gonna put you on the naughty list for not doing vlogmas I need to see this pond!!!!
Mileys wilderness
Mileys wilderness پیش ماه
Look you click baited the vid you said you stocked it when you didn’t I used to be a cuffaro not any more
Darah Kraenbring
Darah Kraenbring پیش ماه
Bring nick back
JimFooolery پیش ماه
I know tilapia have spread widely throughout Florida, but it is an invasive species. Is it okay to put them in a pond that drains to the canal and eventually to Lake Okeechobee?
Chicano پیش ماه
if u remember this song u goated
Stefan Marmootoo
Stefan Marmootoo پیش ماه
can u pls get some koi for the pond they will grow huge
Zabrina Cockney
Zabrina Cockney پیش ماه
Everything looking good. My girls are wondering if you can update us on pocket and your farets. In a future video. They are wondering how they are doing?!
Alvaro Vincent loreno
Alvaro Vincent loreno پیش ماه
Paul cuffaro stonk
pet's villa
pet's villa پیش ماه
I love the vlogmas I always excited for the next video
Damarcus Dantley
Damarcus Dantley پیش ماه
I love you Paul I just got back from Florida but I really wanted to meet you
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence پیش ماه
Hey bro, add some aquatic plants so that the water will be clear and will get filtered naturally.
Desi Gamerz
Desi Gamerz پیش ماه
Her frndz are very from pakistan😀😀😀😊😊
Papo Dukom
Papo Dukom پیش ماه
Love from India❤️ . Why not making natural pond ! Can swim also👍
Don't waste the ponds make a turtle pond the turtle will enjoy
Paul you should make a turtle pond
thanedavy 2020
thanedavy 2020 پیش ماه
Jax Reeb
Jax Reeb پیش ماه
please make a stream/creek for the outflow of the pond then block it off with chicken wires so the water can pass through but fish can’t
LawDawg پیش ماه
Good job brah
Vanita Kesarkar
Vanita Kesarkar پیش ماه
When are you buying cow
Kody Shanks
Kody Shanks پیش ماه
I miss the old house good memories
nonameatall1611 پیش ماه
Get onto shiner Sam
Adrian Planche
Adrian Planche پیش ماه
Will you ever continue positive comment shout out again
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