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I went broke for this filter HAHA today the pallet arrives and we unbox what is our next project here at the farm! This was EPIC!
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Paul Cuffaro
Paul Cuffaro پیش ماه
Welp this was much larger than expected, can’t wait to set it all up!! Thanks for watching, see ya tomorrow❤️
So when you setting up a vegetable patch then?
Ricky ducci
Ricky ducci پیش ماه
You should put a deer and a horse in the new area as well
Bambino 21
Bambino 21 پیش ماه
Bro let Moca 😂have baby’s don’t do it he is to cute for you to do that just have baby’s from him one time and then you do that baby’s from him will look amazing and then with the white mom crazy trust me don’t do it bro
Huncho Jheremia
Huncho Jheremia پیش ماه
Why do you always neuter the baby goats instead of breeding them it’s kindve sad
Rashad Eskridge
Rashad Eskridge پیش ماه
You should get a bridge built across the new pond would be cool
Ben پیش 4 روز
get a buffalo
NotSoRealistic پیش 6 روز
I have that same kitchen knife
Richard Snyder
Richard Snyder پیش 12 روز
Richard Snyder
Richard Snyder پیش 12 روز
You’re getting too many animals.
The_Final_Cast پیش 13 روز
Post what kind of media or a link for it please
Zeeshan Athar
Zeeshan Athar پیش 17 روز
A sec I wish i had a barn like you the other I don't it is too big 😉☺️
Brittany Miller
Brittany Miller پیش 24 روز
Hey Paul, just a suggestion to help with your watering frequency and keeping it clean. Especially for the pigs. We use a 55 gallon drum and install a water nipple for pigs about head level up for them. They learn how to use it fast and keeping the nipple at head level ensures they wont knock over the drum. You could always put it on the outside of the fencing as well. Goats and chickens can also use this concept, whereas ducks prefer to dip their beaks into the water.
Kaelyn The Rat
Kaelyn The Rat پیش 26 روز
Paul you should make a whole in pig encloser and put a kiddy pool in there and put cold water in there so the can lay and swim🏊🏻‍♂️🐷🐖🐽
Kaelyn The Rat
Kaelyn The Rat پیش 26 روز
Yay I'm so exited its finally here!!! Paul should spend 24hrs on his roof!!!
TheListyRayne پیش 26 روز
I like how you said, “Have a blessed day.” It’s nice to see considerate young people. Your parents raised you right.
Asia Deese
Asia Deese پیش 27 روز
U should grow vines around the barn
Kaltrina Demiri
Kaltrina Demiri پیش 27 روز
I was gone for a few days so I am trying to catch up on the videos lol
Kaltrina Demiri
Kaltrina Demiri پیش 27 روز
Paul when you finish the other side of the enclosure where you want to keep cows, you should get one of those huge pigs lol
SV LATTI پیش 27 روز
Paul opened the UV like a kid on Christmas...LOL!!!
Chocolate Chiclid
Chocolate Chiclid پیش 28 روز
My inspiration for getting Koi and goldfish. And a pet turkey 🦃
Magan VandeBogart
Magan VandeBogart پیش 28 روز
Paul loves his fans!
Jose Santana
Jose Santana پیش 29 روز
Let king and Emmy have babies they both are cool looking
PaHpY TV پیش ماه
bro cud u please help mw..i want to build a small concrete pond..but im out of budget..i hope you read my comment.
abhishek gaikwad
abhishek gaikwad پیش ماه
Is there any one else who also want Paul to do a big window on his pound? Love his videos ❤️
tom bob
tom bob پیش ماه
Haha im just like rod.....i have to answer phones all day at work so when some 1 called me i cringe n don't answer n wait 20 mins to text back n act like i was busy n couldnt pick up.......that way i can text instead of talk bc i dont like ppl lol
tom bob
tom bob پیش ماه
Paul u r my favorite celeb id much rather meet u than the president past or present...more than any lame basketball or football player include lebron n brady more than lil wayne more than any 1....not bc im a creep but bc i think ur more genunine than lame ass sports ppl or lebron = moron brady = ugly lady
Arjun's Animal World
Arjun's Animal World پیش ماه
huh , is it just me or were you talking fast at the end of the video (only real cuffaros watch till the end) thanks to you i got a fishing rod gonna go fishing now
Tamir Barnes
Tamir Barnes پیش ماه
@ 1:36 "the future " lkl
Luis De Luna
Luis De Luna پیش ماه
Hector merch?¿ of a person that’s shitty
Luis De Luna
Luis De Luna پیش ماه
Please stop the music in the background and the yeet
Divjot Dhillon
Divjot Dhillon پیش ماه
Saperate those pigs from ducks enclosure
Breaking the code
Breaking the code پیش ماه more fishing content! And a hilarious ending
Ron Parcke-Wms
Ron Parcke-Wms پیش ماه
Re 6:44, that sounds so weird being in almost next to the dope capital of the world, that you all use that as an expression in Florida. Sounds like a bunch of drug abusers. LOL I'm about certain you're not, but it still sounds weird @Paul Cufaro.
Ron Parcke-Wms
Ron Parcke-Wms پیش ماه
Re 2:41, those wheels looks like potential accident for a goat's leg to get caught into. I don't raally want to say what could happen, but I think @Paul Cuffaro you can figure that out. Ouchie 💡
Ron Parcke-Wms
Ron Parcke-Wms پیش ماه
Re 1:36, we value our privacy is why we use Gibiru, SearchEncrypt, & to some degree Duckduckgo for our search engines instead. Tbe other reason is because we still value our Constitutional rights for freespeech, but the one you suggested tends to block or shadow b a n thiat.
Hari //P
Hari //P پیش ماه
The cows are gonna destroy the grass
Pinnacle Motoring
Pinnacle Motoring پیش ماه
Do you block out the Aqua Ultraviolet labels because they didn't give you the stuff for free?
Ethan Gruber
Ethan Gruber پیش ماه
Or u could have taught ur viewers that a body of water that big does not need filtration anywhere near that expensive... u could have spent next to nothing planting it and it would have been better for your fish...
Bridger Kennedy
Bridger Kennedy پیش ماه
You should do a cost list on how much it costs you to feed all of your animals
Ronaldo demas
Ronaldo demas پیش ماه
u should grow ur beard
Jack Harmon
Jack Harmon پیش ماه
Paul needs to grow out his beard
Rebecca Zimmerman
Rebecca Zimmerman پیش ماه
You should put hey in the pig house
MrBeast 6000
MrBeast 6000 پیش ماه
It’s not a Paul caffro video whith out him claening that dirty pig bucket
mr.BigShot پیش ماه
U crazy to pay $7000 for filtration
Mikey beanzzz
Mikey beanzzz پیش ماه
Hi love your UT I'm am a senior and you you make my day
Emily Fernandez
Emily Fernandez پیش ماه
Show the fish in the pool pond more!!
Chewie Decks
Chewie Decks پیش ماه
last time i was here paul cuffaro had no tattoos. damn it’s been awhile
Kate پیش ماه
Lol the goggle bit was dope. But Paul forgot the turkey names? Damn. Vlogmas is getting to ya bud 😂😂😂
Mouhamad Reda
Mouhamad Reda پیش ماه
Hi can i get ur small turtle pond i have always wanted a pond but they were always to expensive
Ritchy پیش ماه
You know you have lots of money when you don’t know what you ordered 🤷‍♂️
MentleGentlemen پیش ماه
Im hoping for a platinum gar
Michel P. Vanwelkenhuyzen
Michel P. Vanwelkenhuyzen پیش ماه
You must have a better control of your camera while filming : it "dances" too much !
Gareth Beelders
Gareth Beelders پیش ماه
Breed king to the Females before you Castrate him
Valerie Martinez
Valerie Martinez پیش ماه
Hi Paul love your show. Can you make a patio for you ducks and pig, turkey, when it rains were do they go?
Emily Weeks
Emily Weeks پیش ماه
As how dope of you to make Hector merch. Can't wait to see it!!
Randy Bwoy
Randy Bwoy پیش ماه
I want to see hector’s merch!!!!!!!!
MadeByKM پیش ماه
wow that's awesome #madebykm
lopezfam پیش ماه
Dios bendiga a Todos los que estan leyendo esto. Buscad a Dios mientras pueda ser hallado! Jesus es el camino y viene pronto! Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree, no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna. S. Juan 3:16 RVR1960
lopezfam پیش ماه
God bless anyone reading this! Seek him while you can! Jesus is the way and he is coming soon! For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV
Sa DuDe
Sa DuDe پیش ماه
When I feel sad I go straight to Paul’s videos keep up the great work
miguel ramirez
miguel ramirez پیش ماه
Looks like a no shave day
Yes Hi
Yes Hi پیش ماه
The filter is so big where are you gonna put it😄
nathan_on_pills پیش ماه
Lol 1000th comment
Matthew Cimini
Matthew Cimini پیش ماه
That's called crazy clear
Robert Dykes
Robert Dykes پیش ماه
I don't understand the back yard pond... Can't even see the fish
Kathy Murphy
Kathy Murphy پیش ماه
This vid is fun start to finish -, way to go Paul
Dude Unperfect
Dude Unperfect پیش ماه
when you realize he has the same filter as your swimming pool
Fish N Gaming
Fish N Gaming پیش ماه
I'm waiting for Paul to get his own lion
Repti_House Planet
Repti_House Planet پیش ماه
Your videos are the best
Marc Mariano
Marc Mariano پیش ماه
Jacob Lynn
Jacob Lynn پیش ماه
You should grow out your beard
Huncho Jheremia
Huncho Jheremia پیش ماه
It’s kindve sad you neuter every baby goat I mean you finally have one of a different blood line so now you could breed him if you wanted to good to keep a possibility
Huncho Jheremia
Huncho Jheremia پیش ماه
Why do you keep neutering the babies ???
Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams پیش ماه
love gary x ❤💙♥
The J Bro’s
The J Bro’s پیش ماه
You and Finatics geese sound the same AKA Bobby
Peter Mackenzie
Peter Mackenzie پیش ماه
who ever is selling you the filtration is having a laugh. FIve times the filtration required is not a bonus, you can only filter water so much. A good Retailer would have sold you the filtration system you actually need for your pond, not sold you thousands of dollars of stuff you dont need.
Adrián PRO
Adrián PRO پیش ماه
Please, sell your ducks!!!
jay liv
jay liv پیش ماه
Hector is the man!
Stick World
Stick World پیش ماه
Your vids are the best I am always watching you and I instantly watch your vids And whut is midea
LiquidChimken پیش ماه
Tammy Schultz
Tammy Schultz پیش ماه
That is going to be insane.. love watching the progress. Cant wait to see how big the fish have gotten to.. its been a minute since weve seen them !!
ŁĮŁ ÇHÂPØ źāvāłā
ŁĮŁ ÇHÂPØ źāvāłā پیش ماه
Who else want paul to do a 24 hour challenge in one of the animals houses?
Brandon Piller
Brandon Piller پیش ماه
Clearly you’ve never seen a pool filter before.
Jackson J
Jackson J پیش ماه
Could you please comment on this I watch every day after I get home from school I sprint to my room to see your vids. I’m your BIGGEST fan
Ryan M
Ryan M پیش ماه
$9000 in last video lol
Ojus John
Ojus John پیش ماه
Wutt about the saltwater tank tho 😫
Sam Farago
Sam Farago پیش ماه
Do the animals eat the hoses
Logan Stremel
Logan Stremel پیش ماه
it’s basically a pool filter
It’s Ertugrul
It’s Ertugrul پیش ماه
You should own some macaws 😜😜
Ryan H
Ryan H پیش ماه
Paul please stop call Greg the Pond Guy he will hook you up!!!
Jesus Rodriguez
Jesus Rodriguez پیش ماه
You so cool cool cool cool cool!!
T20 Outdoors
T20 Outdoors پیش ماه
the turkeys was a good addition to your animals bro
ll-_Hackers_-ll YTTV
ll-_Hackers_-ll YTTV پیش ماه
Hector is my name haha it’s my cousin lmAooo
Haakon Strøm
Haakon Strøm پیش ماه
What about the tortoise?😉😉
Dubs 123
Dubs 123 پیش ماه
You know the area of fence that goes in on the cows you could make the feeding area there and put a gate so the cant always go in
Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph پیش ماه
Paul you should do a Q and A
virtual tube
virtual tube پیش ماه
0:29 I can finally now be living a happy life because of, *f u n d a i l y p a y . c o m*
skringi پیش ماه
Ey! Paul can you yeet the h3ll out of the duckfood in your next vid plzz
Dylan Fischer
Dylan Fischer پیش ماه
And also how much do you get paid by you tube ?
Dylan Fischer
Dylan Fischer پیش ماه
That filtration system must of costed a fortune!
Dylan Fischer
Dylan Fischer پیش ماه
You are so cool Paul!
What is name of music used in this videos in background
Sten Bornebroek
Sten Bornebroek پیش ماه
You should also make a turtle pond out of concrete. Would be dope🤙🏻
Chiccenhawk C
Chiccenhawk C پیش ماه
You should name the two pig you found run. Away.🤔
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