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After weeks of hard work, we are steps closer to finishing my dream backyard pond for all my predatory fish to go into! In todays video we select the type of stone wall and tile perimeter we will be using then get to work! This project has been my favorite yet and i cant wait to share the final part soon! Hope you enjoy part 3 as much as I did filming it!
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Stephanie Gagnon
Stephanie Gagnon پیش 19 روز
I have missed your face Paul....had some things keeping me busy and away. It’s so good to be back. PS the new pond is really cool!!
JB Animals & Aquatics
JB Animals & Aquatics پیش 24 روز
What is the name of all the music you used in this video
LawDawg پیش 27 روز
Can’t wait to see the fish in there
Whip's World
Whip's World پیش 28 روز
Looks good to me, Boss. F*$k what the haters say. So long as you stick with the upkeep on that thing, no prospective buyer one day down the road is going let that be a deal breaker. Hell, they may just keep it for a kickass koi pond.
Kevin P
Kevin P پیش 29 روز
I do construction and I will admit Hector is absolutely a professional. You can tell by his techniques
Grace Cook
Grace Cook پیش ماه
Love your channel
Zara.Bell Bell
Zara.Bell Bell پیش ماه
Get Oliver a good brand harnesse so that he can join you out side without you being scared you will loose him I use it for my guinea pigs sometimes and my friend who has 6 ferrets Good luck
Melanda Goodson
Melanda Goodson پیش ماه
sometimes i wonder if pauls a vampire your fang teeth things are sooooo pointy LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
reginald jennings
reginald jennings پیش ماه
When is part 4 coming when you add the sand fish etc.. can’t wait to see it your show is the best!!!
reginald jennings
reginald jennings پیش ماه
When is part 4 coming when you add the sand fish etc.. can’t wait to see it your show is the best!!!
Diana Osuna
Diana Osuna پیش ماه
I can smell the fresh cement
Iliya RV
Iliya RV پیش ماه
Excellent 👌
Jose Colotl
Jose Colotl پیش ماه
Who else thinks he should get a cayman or a gator in the future
Shawn McCammon
Shawn McCammon پیش ماه
The pc mask is like subway. It’s way better than Jersey mikes
tyler prest
tyler prest پیش ماه
not doing a big viewing point in the front?
Denzel Jan Colmenares
Denzel Jan Colmenares پیش ماه
He should do glass on the sides, that could be amazing to see through the glass.
Christin Jones
Christin Jones پیش ماه
It's so so so BEAUTIFUL
Unknown User
Unknown User پیش ماه
Might want to think about that corner it’s an accident waiting to Hsppen
Wanya Nettles
Wanya Nettles پیش ماه
I’m black we get shot
Pumpkin Patch Exotics
Pumpkin Patch Exotics پیش ماه
Gary is a Gander not a goose
Davik Yr
Davik Yr پیش ماه
Where is the filtration?
Nathan DeSalvo
Nathan DeSalvo پیش ماه
you should get a guinea pig
tom bob
tom bob پیش ماه
No paul thank u for inspireing me to get a pond
KayySpicy پیش ماه
I cannot wait til it’s filled with fish. Great project Paul
Emily Weeks
Emily Weeks پیش ماه
Damn Hector knows how to do everything an hes good at all of it to!
Emily Weeks
Emily Weeks پیش ماه
Man I'm getting so pissed Pauls videos havent been showing up in my main feed for months now. All the other channels i watch the most do but not Paul's. I never look at my subscriptions feed so the only way I know if he posts is if I go to his channel. Also no notifications either! Stupid!
Angelina Torres
Angelina Torres پیش ماه
That looks dope af. What fish are you planning to put in it?
Danielle LEE
Danielle LEE پیش ماه
16:35 - 16:37 ive never seen that cat
Joe Digout
Joe Digout پیش ماه
Lol so I haven’t watched your channel in a year and I last I remember you were a quirky kid now you look like Clooney from dust til dawn... neck tats 🤦
yodo boat
yodo boat پیش ماه
your tattoos look stupid and your channel is slowly dying. OOF
Kaden Brink
Kaden Brink پیش ماه
HOLD ON when did you get a ferret?
Kurt Aringoy
Kurt Aringoy پیش ماه
That cat is just like chillin like a villain!!
Malachi Harris
Malachi Harris پیش ماه
Naveen Rampersad
Naveen Rampersad پیش ماه
My dad can do that work for you
Bearzerk330 پیش ماه
The long wall sturdy enough withstand the outward pressure of all that water?
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas پیش ماه
I wasn't sure where this project was going at first but I've watched the channel long enough to know that it was going to be done right...and this is being done RIGHT...!!!
Joe Fish
Joe Fish پیش ماه
That corner is going to last you three months before it trips away especially if you bump into it
gianfranco Razzeto
gianfranco Razzeto پیش ماه
You could of added a glass so ppl could see from the side
aycee cat
aycee cat پیش ماه
its more beautiful if you put like atleast 2 viewing glass panels just like what my friends did to their backyard ponds here in the Philippines.
Campbell Services Group, LLC
Campbell Services Group, LLC پیش ماه
Should have put glass on the side to see them
Stephanie Cazares
Stephanie Cazares پیش ماه
I love how he thanks us any chance he gets, a good genuine guy. Love you Paul
Kontra Bochum
Kontra Bochum پیش ماه
Where are the filtration pipes? Dont say you want use a cheap pump and hang it over the pond 😂
Bugboy'sHerps2020 پیش ماه
did you get your bird back i saw your tik tok
Trenton Wilson
Trenton Wilson پیش ماه
it looks so small in the vid
Karen Kitkat Keep Smiling
Karen Kitkat Keep Smiling پیش ماه
Loving your new pond looks amazing
Xstreemgamez7 پیش ماه
Put some turtles in that pond
Oddesty پیش ماه
5:58 me no not me
THE_ INVATOR پیش ماه
Be polite and be white.
agz ranz
agz ranz پیش ماه
Don't move your camera too fast.. motion sickness and dizziness 🤢
Guinevere Baker
Guinevere Baker پیش ماه
The..... plants
Jesus Cortez
Jesus Cortez پیش ماه
I think the color is really dull
A Worm
A Worm پیش ماه
A worm approves this video.
Alby The Bunny
Alby The Bunny پیش ماه
Portugal Outdoors
Portugal Outdoors پیش ماه
Better keep that ferret away from your birds and small animals. Will eat and kill everything if you let it.
Umar Engel
Umar Engel پیش ماه
Haha Paul doing karate at the end
Ricardo a Alcocer
Ricardo a Alcocer پیش ماه
Damnn, if it was a mexican or black guy getting pulled over, we’d get that ticket automatically even if we polite 😭
Akanksha Mehra
Akanksha Mehra پیش ماه
This is insane🦋
TLP 33
TLP 33 پیش ماه
What dose he do for a job
Ben Trujllo
Ben Trujllo پیش ماه
Brown stone would have looked better and natural
Ben Trujllo
Ben Trujllo پیش ماه
Why would you have put the pond next to the house so close. That was a dumb idea..... better hope nothing happens
M1911Mike پیش ماه
Haven't seen your channel in years you crap things have changed. Looks like a much bigger operation now
Angely Sotamba
Angely Sotamba پیش ماه
Que lindo
Amy Morandi
Amy Morandi پیش ماه
What type of fish is going in Ps Paul if you could like or reply you would make my day
Amy Morandi
Amy Morandi پیش ماه
What’s going in it
Amy Morandi
Amy Morandi پیش ماه
Like what fish
Justin Geno
Justin Geno پیش ماه
I hope the patio can hold all the weight of the pond 😬 but it looks sick dude keep it up 👍
Jonathan Cordova
Jonathan Cordova پیش ماه
You got a whole gang of pigs
Looks amazing bro keep up the good work 🤙🏻🤙🏻❤️
Broman666 پیش ماه
They didnt wet the concrete before adding the tiles so congratulations. Those tiles will soon fall off hahahaha
Broman666 پیش ماه
I wonder if Paul knows that the chinese signs on his neck in fact means "Im a Turd"
Kayla Velozo
Kayla Velozo پیش ماه
If you don’t use your pool you could make that Into a pond too!
Juan Gabriel Rivas
Juan Gabriel Rivas پیش ماه
Please Make a swimming video with your new pond.
Adam Gilson
Adam Gilson پیش ماه
Please make video
Lazy Luke
Lazy Luke پیش ماه
Shoutout to hector and his crew!
Daniel Hogan
Daniel Hogan پیش ماه
Looks amazing! I want one now
ian agura
ian agura پیش ماه
paul new videos please including your new pond and your dog and i think putting lights in your new pond will look LIT!!
Aleanza Guevara
Aleanza Guevara پیش ماه
Nemesis X
Nemesis X پیش ماه
where’s bailey we never see her😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mayyas birds Yazbek a
Mayyas birds Yazbek a پیش ماه
a arguellez
a arguellez پیش ماه
Looks so sick, but those corners ouch imagine hitting that 🥴 I've had my fare share of getting hit by corners 😂
HaN TeCh
HaN TeCh پیش ماه
go with maple wood flooring design very beautiful with the pond
Evan Abishek
Evan Abishek پیش ماه
What are you planning on doing for the filtration of this monster tank
Jasmine Rose Hurta
Jasmine Rose Hurta پیش ماه
Is it just me or do you think he is going to be feeding th fish from his window
Courtney Stoub
Courtney Stoub پیش ماه
where is your phone case from?
Lathurshithan Vishnuvarthan
Lathurshithan Vishnuvarthan پیش ماه
I can't wait for it to finish fully
Charlie Lane
Charlie Lane پیش ماه
You should make a huge pool pond full of community fish!!! It might just be me, but I think the would be really cool.
Jenna Chesser-Davison
Jenna Chesser-Davison پیش ماه
Did anyone notice the cat? haha
Anita Agone
Anita Agone پیش ماه
2 million soon yay
Psycho Seth
Psycho Seth پیش ماه
Mate goats will eat anything
Eli Paulcuffuro Big Fan
Eli Paulcuffuro Big Fan پیش ماه
Keep up the great work I’m your biggest fan like if you love Paul cuffaro
Nas A
Nas A پیش ماه
Absolutely amazing job you Hector and the team have done there! Love it! Please guys subscribe to the channel as this will continue to allow Paul to create amazing content like this!
melisa ali
melisa ali پیش ماه
Thanks alot now I could finish my pond.
Dillon Lav
Dillon Lav پیش ماه
Looks fantastic! seems larger now that the wood is off .
Jason Bond
Jason Bond پیش ماه
Get a fish name him hector
Notified Splays
Notified Splays پیش ماه
I could see Paul owning a skunk
Master Caster
Master Caster پیش ماه
Hey I really like subway they aren't that bad anyway.
Northeast Hardy Tropicals
Northeast Hardy Tropicals پیش ماه
Yurrr boyy elijah
Yurrr boyy elijah پیش ماه
Is that your cat
Nathan Kruszewski
Nathan Kruszewski پیش ماه
Paul what happened to the 24 hour challenge on your dock?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
littlebambambi پیش ماه
I didn’t know you had a cat ...... extremely important content right there
shawna lance
shawna lance پیش ماه
tell hector to start a yt channel!!
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