FINALLY Building My DREAM BARN!! (crazy)

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Paul Cuffaro

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After months of planning were finally done, the barn is built all in 1 day! Ready for our cows to come to the property... just a couple more things to do though
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Rebecka T
Rebecka T پیش 4 روز
Haha you call that a barn😂thats two walls and a roof😂thats nothing compared to real barns
Kaelyn The Rat
Kaelyn The Rat پیش 25 روز
Paul should spend 24hours on his roof
Ryan Degutis
Ryan Degutis پیش 25 روز
I'll bet his neighbors luv hearing all those geese and ducks. Just saying:) lol
Kaelyn The Rat
Kaelyn The Rat پیش 25 روز
Subscribe to Paul Cuffaro!!!!
Naheed Naz
Naheed Naz پیش 27 روز
Skay24 پیش 27 روز
Little shed...
Mujaahied Dewet
Mujaahied Dewet پیش 28 روز
Please make videos about the ferret
Generation Compilation
Generation Compilation پیش 28 روز
wear a mask bro
tom bob
tom bob پیش 29 روز
Watching Paul watch them remind me a people watching me while I work on their car....... if I wanted an audience I would have been a IRpostr
tom bob
tom bob پیش 29 روز
Paul 30 years-old old. I'm an automotive mechanic by trade and I just wanted to tell you I hope you give your workers a tip because I don't care who you are you don't want somebody watching you while you work and asking you questions endless they tip........
McTyre Girlz
McTyre Girlz پیش 29 روز
Paint the barn
Hooked TV
Hooked TV پیش 29 روز
Should get a baby water buffalo instead much more unique and would love that pond
Jeff Clark
Jeff Clark پیش 29 روز
Looks great I want one at my house
Mary Dean
Mary Dean پیش ماه
You have spent a lot of money putting grass down, you do realise the cows will eat it.I thought you were building a barn like Deer Meat for Dinner yours is really a shed not a barn.
Hemanth kumar
Hemanth kumar پیش ماه
Get some horses🏇🏇🏇
Uh Huh
Uh Huh پیش ماه
Omg cute little mini highland cows would be so cool to see on the farm.
Michel P. Vanwelkenhuyzen
Michel P. Vanwelkenhuyzen پیش ماه
You move you camera too fast ! Learn to control it...
Izzie Allen
Izzie Allen پیش ماه
What about your donkey
Valerie Martinez
Valerie Martinez پیش ماه
need a back coving for the barn.
xmofo83x پیش ماه
More Dom please, he's funny. - Nora (8) & Clara (4)
MadeByKM پیش ماه
That's nice #madebykm
Landon Voorhees
Landon Voorhees پیش ماه
I think you should get miniature cows
Jessica Bautista
Jessica Bautista پیش ماه
What happened to the donkey
Tishaun pro
Tishaun pro پیش ماه
Who have been here since his first vid?
Dwight Harrison
Dwight Harrison پیش ماه
Now build another one for them hogs there jealous lol 😂. Love your channel keep them coming. My boys loves your animals. God Blessed y’all
Kj پیش ماه
It’s sick mannn
The Lazy Koala
The Lazy Koala پیش ماه
Are we gonna be getting spot back??? I haven’t watched the whole vid yet but I have been wondering for soooo long
Taryn Whited
Taryn Whited پیش ماه
It really a barn
Taryn Whited
Taryn Whited پیش ماه
Taryn Whited
Taryn Whited پیش ماه
Not a barb
Lucia Newman
Lucia Newman پیش ماه
I’m so excited for u to get miniature cows they are so cute I have one on my family’s little farm and they are just the perfect animals
General Heeves 1080p
General Heeves 1080p پیش ماه
Just put a tarp over the concrete
Elayna Pyle
Elayna Pyle پیش ماه
Paul has talked about a barn since he moved! Incredibly proud and amazed at how hard he works
Ashtoncranks 90s
Ashtoncranks 90s پیش ماه
We’re is the tortoise ?
Gus Glaser
Gus Glaser پیش ماه
Everyone like this comment if you think that Paul should by a dune buggy to travel around his property
Courtney-Jade Tooke
Courtney-Jade Tooke پیش ماه
You have to get a horse Paul and raise it up like a little Shetland or stallion ❤️🥰😘
Jaden Bow
Jaden Bow پیش ماه
i love the barn its so coll
mark phillips
mark phillips پیش ماه
Can u get sheep for the farm
Damon Poonawassy
Damon Poonawassy پیش ماه
its amazing bro but it wouldve been a little better if the roof was longer or extended out a little further. but its amazing man
Paco Ramirez
Paco Ramirez پیش ماه
Yes pual, it's already settled
E.J quick raps
E.J quick raps پیش ماه
I have
Naveen M
Naveen M پیش ماه
Bro buy bunny
Nicholas Christian Neipper
Nicholas Christian Neipper پیش ماه
Plzzzz get longhorns to the farm it could be so cool man
Muhammad khalid
Muhammad khalid پیش ماه
weren't you gonna get otters?
അനസ് ഹംസ
അനസ് ഹംസ پیش ماه
i think those trees aren't palm they are coconut trees
Summer Gladney
Summer Gladney پیش ماه
Octavio Barajas
Octavio Barajas پیش ماه
u should put sharks in that salt pond
Krishna Vamsi b
Krishna Vamsi b پیش ماه
Can't wait for the baby cows
Willow Beaird
Willow Beaird پیش ماه
You should look into watusi, long horns, belted Galloway's, and bahman cows. They are all beautiful unique cows I think you would love to have in the farm
ZION پیش ماه
Build a view tower 👌 to see all the farm from top. 😎
Ben Wells
Ben Wells پیش ماه
it’s not a barn tho
Elaina Quesenberry
Elaina Quesenberry پیش ماه
Are you going to get a horse?
Royan Mathias
Royan Mathias پیش ماه
Get a horse mate
Sanjay Darren
Sanjay Darren پیش ماه
Take Spot back!!! Since u got ur barn
Keith پیش ماه
Paul PLS stop scrunching ur forehead 😭❤
Ac Aquatics
Ac Aquatics پیش ماه
Got ur own zoo in your backyard
Shannon Westbrook
Shannon Westbrook پیش ماه
Look into mini cows. They are adorable!!! There's a ranch here in Texas that has them.
Mathias Rasmussen
Mathias Rasmussen پیش ماه
Get a cow brush so they not are gonna go tip your fence :)
David Harley
David Harley پیش ماه
That new sod is going to be a mud pit ,with cows
freestyle Fpv
freestyle Fpv پیش ماه
make sure its huricane proff
SBK Peace
SBK Peace پیش ماه
Do you have to pay extra for a back on your barn ? 😂 What use is a 2 sided barn
Caleb Chamberlain
Caleb Chamberlain پیش ماه
Noob your a noob
Noob your a noob پیش ماه
What’s next he’s gonna get a horse?
Justin L
Justin L پیش ماه
It would be cool if you had a girl goose so your goose can have a girlfriend
Dynamite 1483
Dynamite 1483 پیش ماه
Why don't you get sheep and chicken to complete the farm
Oh yea Mr. Krabs
Oh yea Mr. Krabs پیش ماه
Are you ever gonna get your donkey back?
Louise Shevchenko
Louise Shevchenko پیش ماه
He he has a cousin :OOO
Tiny Terrarium
Tiny Terrarium پیش ماه
Hes not 100% happy
killer kenway
killer kenway پیش ماه
he didnt jump in the pond
Sierra Simmons
Sierra Simmons پیش ماه
paul... paul... paul..... please please please get a mini pony... PLEASE READ THIS mini ponys are so fun so please get one.... I WOULD LOVE to see a little pony on that farm!!
The Nano Guy
The Nano Guy پیش ماه
Watch fish for thought.
Jacob B
Jacob B پیش ماه
wait... you guys didn't build a drain on the concrete pond?
Keely Aguilar
Keely Aguilar پیش ماه
when I heard he was getting a barn I was like BRUH and love your vids
CADguru78 پیش ماه
6"X6" x 12' = ~144lbs
Agamer456 پیش ماه
Pls respond your my favourite youtuber I watch you all the time thx for uploading paul follow your dream hope you reach 12 million subscribers youd deserve it
Grant Marble
Grant Marble پیش ماه
You should get a bull
Melodee V
Melodee V پیش ماه
You can give up your dream of grass in that enclosure if you're putting cows in there. They'll destroy that pasture.
T.T.D XD پیش ماه
You should make the new pond a koi pond because that bird that eats them wont be able to because they can just swim down because its deeper then your small koi ponds. Also the koi will grow big enough so that bird wont be able to eat them.
Blessed Gaming
Blessed Gaming پیش ماه
WHo else has been watching the channel since he made his very first pond
Jayden-lee Foulkes
Jayden-lee Foulkes پیش ماه
When u getting the donkey back!👍 Great videos Paul
Archie Brooks
Archie Brooks پیش ماه
Paul should get mini cows and another donkey
Om musical Beats
Om musical Beats پیش ماه
Can't wait to see ❤️💙 cow's 🐄 🐄 in New house 🏡
Fishazon 33
Fishazon 33 پیش ماه
I didn’t see Dominic him jump into the pond😔
¿Jasmine? ??
¿Jasmine? ?? پیش ماه
My dude it’s not a farm without horses
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen پیش ماه
PC Merch is overpriced like NELK's!
Tania Castro
Tania Castro پیش ماه
I’m so excited for you to get cows I’ve always wanted one
Brant Blood
Brant Blood پیش ماه
u just had to do the pull up at the end of the monkey bar thing. show off that strength paul!
Val Crotta
Val Crotta پیش ماه
hey there. looks great! but the cows will destroy your sod! Just saying......
Davor Kizivat
Davor Kizivat پیش ماه
Do a ducks nesting box in the house
Leo Brennan
Leo Brennan پیش ماه
It’s so unhealthy to feed your animals in the mud which will be full of urine, poop and bacteria’s Paul , simple food pans would be ideal for the health of your animals , no hates just for health of animals ❤️
Mel.xplazroblox پیش ماه
Wow i love the barn :D
Neelay Bhikha
Neelay Bhikha پیش ماه
Make DIY nest box for your ducks to lay eggs in!
William Hansen
William Hansen پیش ماه
Im not a robot
William Hansen
William Hansen پیش ماه
William Tierney
William Tierney پیش ماه
He did not jump in the pond
Spencer Hermosillo
Spencer Hermosillo پیش ماه
When they dumped the cement in the pit it sounded like a Minecraft sound effect lol
Myles Cross
Myles Cross پیش ماه
The cows are just going to eat all that new grass. Rip
Στράτος Μενίκος
Στράτος Μενίκος پیش ماه
pls the dukc hase
jodie Buckton
jodie Buckton پیش ماه
When’s Dom gon to jump
Grace Cook
Grace Cook پیش ماه
Love your channel
avniadi12 پیش ماه
man, I love paul's content. tanks for making such dope videos for us. I watch your videos the day they are out. I finally fund a youtuber that thinks like me.
jeff Gwinneth
jeff Gwinneth پیش ماه
Personally idve gone bigger on the barn build like Blake has done
Tanner Marion
Tanner Marion پیش ماه
I don’t get why people go out of their way to dislike the vid like for what😂
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