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Its VLOGMAS BABY! In todays video we visit my old backyard where it all started, and go to the local fish store and get the pond some new colorful baby fish! Time to watch them grow & breed! Also update on my projects an animals here at the farm! Don't miss this one!
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Camera Gear: Canon M50
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Paul Cuffaro
Paul Cuffaro پیش ماه
Who’s excited for Vlogmas?!🤗
Gamer DB plays
Gamer DB plays پیش ماه
My country gold fish is like 1 for like 50cent
Amanda Witherspoon
Amanda Witherspoon پیش ماه
When you redo tanks and get more fish, what do you do with the fish that used to be in the tank?
Jay Perry
Jay Perry پیش ماه
If you are going to post everyday I hope you are going to show more than your backyard. Any nature reserves to check out? Do a catch n cook with Zak.
Nallely A
Nallely A پیش 11 روز
Paul Cuffaro kinda gives me OffTheRanch vibes and I love ittt.. really enjoy watching these videos, keep up the good work
Şevket Akgüneş
Şevket Akgüneş پیش 12 روز
I love you very much .l have been following your for a long time . l don't understand much because the videos are in english .l love yok very much ❤by the Wayne l am TÜRKHISH 🇹🇷
Pushpendra singh Rathore
Pushpendra singh Rathore پیش ماه
men you are doing great work this planet need more like you then only we can rebuild our awesome planet
Repti_House Planet
Repti_House Planet پیش ماه
Repti_House Planet
Repti_House Planet پیش ماه
I whant to see a new saltwater tank
Justin Meyers
Justin Meyers پیش ماه
I always comment I want your old pool ponds! I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST TIGER SHOVEL NOSE CATFISH! I love the guy! In need of a pool pond for him now;)
Eden McKinney
Eden McKinney پیش ماه
omg every time i say “just look at that” “ just take a look at it” no one knows what i’m reffering to😂
Summer Potato
Summer Potato پیش ماه
I’d expect you to have way more subscribers than you do tbh people are definitely missing out
Fluffy Itty Bitty Kitty
Fluffy Itty Bitty Kitty پیش ماه
i subed
Bảo Biết Bay
Bảo Biết Bay پیش ماه
I love videos about fish, especially the clips about setup fish tanks and buy new fish
Mr. Tan
Mr. Tan پیش ماه
Mollies in the philippines here only costs less than a dollar
I also miss when Thump was in the big pond
I miss when you should buy more fish for your mini pond that was so dope videos what are you going to do with the mini pond
Sharpey's World
Sharpey's World پیش ماه
December in florida looking like summer in the uk. Cold, wet and sleety here 🤣
KE3M پیش ماه
i never knew paul is 19. he looks 20+ to me
Remya Santhosh
Remya Santhosh پیش ماه
Malayalam arivooooo
Nur Zahirah Khairul Annuar
Nur Zahirah Khairul Annuar پیش ماه
It’s hardly colourful 🤩
a arguellez
a arguellez پیش ماه
I'm no expert on turkeys at all but maybe they were fighting because the enclosure was small before? Could be a possibility
Daniel Blackman
Daniel Blackman پیش ماه
Platys are my favourite fish too :D I call them my little derps because their mouth looks like it's above their eyes and makes me lol
Aryan Neupane
Aryan Neupane پیش ماه
Did someone noticed the cat rolling in grass at 2:46
raghib abedhasan
raghib abedhasan پیش ماه
Monster7Arena پیش ماه
Dude just get a tiger shark
Monster7Arena پیش ماه
Been a while since i have seen your channel
bryce janke
bryce janke پیش ماه
you should do a video on the spin the wheel again! Those were fun.
Easton Frank
Easton Frank پیش ماه
Get a new pig .
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards پیش ماه
Yay Vlogmas!! That turkey knows he doesn't belong with the ducks n pond... I've been wondering where Bailey was. Remember to watch the video to the very end & dont even think about hit that skip button so he makes his money n not ut
Deadboi پیش ماه
This man triggers all the real fish keepers instead of going to a fish store he goes to pet smart
Adonis The Gourami
Adonis The Gourami پیش ماه
Clark is better than scudly
Clark is better than scudly پیش ماه
Look in the tank glass on 2:47 there is a white dog
Nolan Young
Nolan Young پیش ماه
Yoo I got a house at a young age like you too! Love to see the hard work pay off for you Paul!
Fahad Khawaja
Fahad Khawaja پیش ماه
by the way platies and mollies cannot interbreed.......nice video dude
Celtic Barry
Celtic Barry پیش ماه
You should get like 3 albino or red/orange Bristlenose Plecos for the Platy/Molly pond, they will eat algae and keep it cleaner and they only get to like 4.5-5.5 inches, they're also bright colored so easy to see.
Loïc Van Reet
Loïc Van Reet پیش ماه
i have some dalmatiër mollys in my 50 gallon tank
Newbie loft tv
Newbie loft tv پیش ماه
paul can you plss pet pigeonssss plsss make them some home in your backyard pplsssssss
Macky Bear
Macky Bear پیش ماه
How about those budget mini aquarium or DIY pond builds for anyone who wants to give them as presents ;)
Rxflex پیش ماه
what happened to your turtles in your backyard
Sajeev Vijayan p
Sajeev Vijayan p پیش ماه
yes the dog is the cutest thing on earth if you agree hit a like
Vadakkayil Pramod
Vadakkayil Pramod پیش ماه
DeeDee Kim
DeeDee Kim پیش ماه
Saven Forte
Saven Forte پیش ماه
How many gallons for 8 small goldfish and 7 big goldfish?
Adonis The Gourami
Adonis The Gourami پیش ماه
For that many I would say 180 gallons or a pond
Deepesh karki
Deepesh karki پیش ماه
We share the same birthdate bro ❤️❤️
Kaelyn The Rat
Kaelyn The Rat پیش ماه
Yassss Vlogmas please do a🎅🏻🤶🏻 Christmas house tour on your vlog channel ❤🎄💚 Like if you want to see that and copy and paste this over and over🎄🎅🏻
Equinox Acidz
Equinox Acidz پیش ماه
You should do vids of shopping in small local fish/pet stores to show them some support. Smaller local fish stores don’t exactly do well here in nw Ohio
Nate's Wildlife
Nate's Wildlife پیش ماه
Remember when Paul had the gar and Thump. Those were the days
Roblox Players And Friends
Roblox Players And Friends پیش ماه
yay i always love watching your videos
Sarah Niel
Sarah Niel پیش ماه
You should give finatic a 🦃 turkey?!!!????
Mouhamad Reda
Mouhamad Reda پیش ماه
Can’t wait for you to hit 2 mil
Anja Ahrens Hansson
Anja Ahrens Hansson پیش ماه
Here in Sweden we Empty our pond,so now our Fish are inside untile spring! 🤗
Bradley Chambers
Bradley Chambers پیش ماه
Love the og back yard
Sasa B.
Sasa B. پیش ماه
I love your channel!!!!
Black Puma
Black Puma پیش ماه
I like this video. Tell me more about tiny fish like dalmatian Mollie
DelPicle پیش ماه
Ha 54 degrees is freezing where I live it’s 20-30 degrees out right now lol 😂
PewDiePie Movie Trailers
PewDiePie Movie Trailers پیش ماه
PewDiePie Movie Trailers
PewDiePie Movie Trailers پیش ماه
Kris Garrison
Kris Garrison پیش ماه
Live life to your fullest! Your only 20 don't go having Babies or get married. You have a few more years to go. Love your parents pond. So awesome!!😀👍
Nassah609 پیش ماه
I was hoping you put a viewing window in your new concrete backyard pond
Eddy Madera
Eddy Madera پیش ماه
Happy early birthday 🎉🥳🎈🎂🎆
Joshua Kirkpatrick
Joshua Kirkpatrick پیش ماه
Do a giveaway please!!!
Life As Aaliyah
Life As Aaliyah پیش ماه
I used to have dalmation mollies and zebra danios. I love small community fish!
Big fan from INDIA ❤️
Willow Beaird
Willow Beaird پیش ماه
Lol I started living on my own at 17
brandon rushby
brandon rushby پیش ماه
I think you should put the gar in your new pond when it is finished
Jose Silva
Jose Silva پیش ماه
what ever happened to the chinese box turtles
Đặng Thị Tú
Đặng Thị Tú پیش ماه
việt nam
Kaelyn The Rat
Kaelyn The Rat پیش ماه
Omg Vlogmas I love it please do a Christmas house tour and maybe for a video you can decorate the🎅🏻 enclosers for Christmas❤🎄💚
Rio Kids
Rio Kids پیش ماه
Paul be like 50k? We say u got it👌👍😏
Braxton Bates
Braxton Bates پیش ماه
Boy I just realized you turned 19 on December 19, 2019😂😂
BigMoney B
BigMoney B پیش ماه
Paul How you doing I love your animals specially the gar it’s my favorite animal but, Will you be taking the hat to the new concrete pond at your new house??
Sshooter444 پیش ماه
Does your mom know about those whack tattoos?
ElizabethLovesGaming پیش ماه
I am turning 18 on December 8.
Martin Fletcher
Martin Fletcher پیش ماه
To stop the turkeys from escaping clip the flight feathers on 1 wing then they can't fly
Vicki K
Vicki K پیش ماه
Wow. Those tanks actually look pretty good. My local PetSmart isn't dippin' fish right now and, as usual, their tanks look like holy hell. Zip code 98036. They suck.
Katharine Allbaugh
Katharine Allbaugh پیش ماه
I turned 18 in August and with everything going on rona wise. The world around me felt like it was crashing down and I started taking on a lot of responsibilities too fast because I was moving off to college August 31st. Enjoy childhood while it lasts kids. You'll be missing those days. But you don't have to let your childish spirit die.
dananjaya senavirathne
dananjaya senavirathne پیش ماه
This brings back so many old memories man.... remembering all those pond videos you did back in the day..... ❤️ i kinda miss that.
Jose Bernal
Jose Bernal پیش ماه
What a way to start the vlogmas OG style were it all began. Love it bud keep up the good work! Send my love to you and your family!!!
berkshirewatergarden پیش ماه
You should go back and buy the koi fish because they might not end up with the right owners
Damien Gill
Damien Gill پیش ماه
Any1 else think he should bring the gar to his house like if u agree
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas پیش ماه
Hey, Paul, 20 to 30 goes by so far...take your time...and yes, I know what it means to enjoy it while it last...!!!
mohammad arthas
mohammad arthas پیش ماه
very good plutty mully boy
Peyton Meidl
Peyton Meidl پیش ماه
“Back in the day when I used to live at my parents house, I used to just buy little fish for the pond and, watch them breed it was aWeSoMe” - Paul 2020 👏
Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker پیش ماه
My birthday is December 31st
Luis De Luna
Luis De Luna پیش ماه
Justa2v پیش ماه
Dude that’s awesome, my birthday is only 3 days before yours!
Charlene Kamsch
Charlene Kamsch پیش ماه
Did you note on the calendar the date you found the pigs? You need to watch the date for when she starts having piglet's and incase something goes wrong. And fix that stray male or all your other females are going to get pregnant-if not already. Same with the hogs- band those males if they haven't been fixed yet . Love those turkeys!!😃
Let’s talk about Fishing
Let’s talk about Fishing پیش ماه
Can’t wait to watch Paul, such a great IRpostr
Jaxon Plunkett
Jaxon Plunkett پیش ماه
Here is a video idea tacking your gar from you parents house and putting it into your new pond once it is finished
Julian Harris
Julian Harris پیش ماه
My brothers birthday is on the same day as yours
Lorna Martin
Lorna Martin پیش ماه
I always see other dogs in the background are they Taylor’s and can we meet them?
Peanut !
Peanut ! پیش ماه
Can you get more animals or a spin the wheel challenge plz get me a shoutout!
Cutie puppy 2000
Cutie puppy 2000 پیش ماه
Oh enjoy being a kid kid while you can I’m in hear 6 OwO
Jake Phillips
Jake Phillips پیش ماه
what happened to the turtles at your parents house?
Justus Schröter
Justus Schröter پیش ماه
I am feeling like a 14 year old again. When I was watching Paul Cuffaru‘s vids and bought my fist tank
Umm_FrOsTy -
Umm_FrOsTy - پیش ماه
Are you gonna put your gar in the new concrete pond?
563 Gaming
563 Gaming پیش ماه
You should bring your big far into your pond when it's done!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe پیش ماه
U should put that gar in your new pond!
Jacob George-liqourish
Jacob George-liqourish پیش ماه
you should get females for the turkeys (day 2 of asking)
Banana Army
Banana Army پیش ماه
2:49 the bag in the back haha
Peenut Vlogs
Peenut Vlogs پیش ماه
Paul should put the gar in the new pond
landen long
landen long پیش ماه
me and happy bday
Dominik Stepinac
Dominik Stepinac پیش ماه
'' 45 degrees in Florida is freazing'' Me chilling on 28 degrees in Croatia!
John Hulley
John Hulley پیش ماه
U should put a pole in the ground at 45 degrees for lady May
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